Above is pictured the old stage couch stop or tavern as most call it built in 1829. From an old deed record loaned by Wilson Hakes, we find Relly M.
Tinkhm as the owner at that time having bought from the Holland Land Company.

The house is a large building and hidden in its inner recess has been discovered a large enclosed chamber without windows of any kind, with a staircase leading to this secret h ide-out in the attic. When Mrs. Hakes lived in the home, she noticed a pathway worn on the study wood flooring. It led from the top of the main stairway into a room off the upper hall to a narrow door apparently shutting in a cupboard. Mrs. Hakes concluded the cupboard had been used a great deal in the years past when the house was a tavern. When she pried the rusty bolt loos from the door she started back in surprise as the door swung open. Her was a staircase leading upward into the gloom. The house has no claim to a real attic, only the usual space between the ceiling of the bedrooms and the roof. The stairway is not a yard wide and its risers are high with narrow treads.

The room remains a mystery. Was it as some think, a hideaway for gambling? Was some one imprisoned in it, or was it a station on the “Underground Railway”.