Town of Barre, NY

Located in Orleans County, the Town of Barre lies midway between Buffalo and Rochester. Since its founding in 1818, small-town country living has thrived in Barre, New York. Fruits, vegetables, corn, wheat, and soybeans drive a major portion of our local economy.

Town of Barre Offices

Town Hall & Administrative Offices

14317 West Barre Road
Albion, NY 14411
Phone 585-589-5100
Fax 585-589-2510


General Board Meetings

2nd Wednesday of every month @ 7 pm.

Workshop Meetings have been reestablished

Due to the availability of the councilpersons, the workshops will be on the Thursday before a general board meeting at 5:30 pm.


Planning Board Meeting

2nd Monday of every month @ 6:30 pm

Zoning Board Meeting

Meets as needed

Court Sessions

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursday of the month at 6 pm
For additional information
Call 585-589-5100 ext. 107 after 4 pm on Court nights

Town Highlights

The Zoning Board of Appeals will be meeting on February 17th at 7 pm.  There will be a public hearing for an area variance on the property of 13860 Gillette Road pursuant to Article V Section 350-22 E1 for 2 additions to currant building.  Also, there will be a public hearing for an area variance on the property of 5377 Eagle Harbor Road pursuant to Section 350-29 D3 for a new sign.

The filing deadline for all exemptions is set by State law as March 1st of each year.  All exemptions needed to be renewed were sent to property owners in November with the filing requirements.  If you received a renewal, please return to Mr. Flansburg before the deadline.

The Barre Betterment Committee is working on a celebration for Barre’s Founder’s Day on March 6th.  The day will begin at 10 am with bingo, refreshments and historical displays.  A video will be playing throughout the day.  Beginning at 5:30 pm their will be children’s events such as story time, a craft event, a cake and milk toast to Barre.   Also, a reminder that we are hosing a Barre calendar photo contest.  Entry forms are available on the counter, our Facebook page link or ask a committee member.

The County residential sales trend for 2019 was +3%.  Residential sales trend in Barre for 2019 was +10%.  Average  home values for 2020 will increase accordingly.  Change notices for 2020 will be mailed out in March with all instructions.

FYI:  County of Orleans Department of Mental Health

Heritage Wind Notice of Submission of Application

With winter upon us, a reminder to all residents to please keep the snow away from the fire hydrants closest to your home if at all possible please.  This will save our fire personnel time in an emergency.

Information on bail reform Bail Reform

V & T Section 1219 addresses the issue of placing obstructions onto a highway V & T Section 1219

Barre Final Assessment Roll 2019

Solar Law 2019

Barre Tentative Roll 2019

We still have Bicentennial t-shirts available for $10.00.  We also still have historical books available for $10.00.  Please see the Town Clerk during normal business hours to make your purchase.

“Know your Facts USA” is recording our Town Board meetings as well as informational gatherings and providing the recordings to the town.  For those town residents that are unable to attend a meeting and wish to be informed please click on the link shown here:

Barre Final Assessment Roll 2018

Barre Final Assessment Roll 2017

– For those desiring genealogical information, please contact Hollis Canham of the County Genealogical Society. The Town Historian does not have such information.

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