Welcome to the Town of Barre, NY

Please utilize the resources listed on this page for informtion pertaining to living in or visiting the Town of Barre. The Town welcomes all new and existing residents to participate in Town activities, start a business or move here.

See how you can grow with the Town of Barre!


Hoag Library  (585)589-4246
Orleans County GenWeb Page

Please check with the Town Clerk to see what other available records the Town of Barre may be able to provide.  Genealogy information provided from the town can be obtained for a $10 fee.

Dog Information

It is unlawful for dog owners within the Town of Barre to allow their dogs to engage in habitual howling, barking, crying or whining or conduct itself in such a manner as to unreasonably and habitually disturb the comfort of persons other than the dog owner. There is no leash law for dogs in the Town of Barre.

For more infromation, please visit the Town Clerk’s page.

Parks & Recreation


The Barre Town Park contains the following amenities:

  • 20’x30′ Pavilion
  • Little League Baseball Field with 40’x60′ or 50’x70′ capabilities
  • Hardball Baseball Field
  • Girls Softball Field: 40’x60′
  • Two Soccer Fields

Please contact the park director, if you are planning to utilize any of the fields. Applicants must submit a park use application and if necessary, provide proof of insurance and/or pay any applicable fees.


Jason Foote, Director

Phone: (585)402-0923