The Town of Barre was founded in 1818.  The town was named after the birthplace of an early settler. The town is 55.1 square miles, and is the southern border of Orleans county, the border is shared with the Town of Elba in Genesee County.

Town of Barre Orleans County

There is an approximate population of 2,124 people as of the last census.

Living in the quiet Town of Barre, you will find country roads, small churches, friendly neighbors, and some of the best chicken barbecues around. A short drive from the the larger cities makes Barre a desirable place to live.  The town is a short drive to nearby outdoor activities, such as fishing, water skiing,  or watching major league sporting events, and theaters.

State roads in Barre are Quaker Hill Rd and portion of Oak Orchard Rd. and West Lee Rd.  County roads are East Barre Rd, Eagle Harbor Rd, West Barre Rd, portion of Oak Orchard Rd (old 98)

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The famous Benjamin Franklin Gates House located in the Town of Barre, NY.  A historic home and farm complex located on Lee Road.  The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.