“EHS&G proposes to excavate consolidated dolostone bedrock material in a 99.7-acre area within the existing sand and gravel mine life-of-mine area. The proposed modification includes:

Adding consolidated bedrock excavation using standard drilling and blasting techniques within a 99.7-acre area, located in the middle of the mine site.
Increasing the permitted depth of excavation.
The bedrock to be mined is overlain by sand that averages about 35-40 feet in thickness within the proposed bedrock excavation area.
The depth of excavation will be increased to remove the sand to access and mine the full thickness of the dolostone bedrock.
The overall depth of excavation (sand and bedrock) will be approximately 80-100 feet.
Adding a portable crushing plant to crush the rock prior to feeding it into the existing processing plant for sizing.
No changes to the existing processing plant will occur as part of this modification. No other changes are proposed.”

There will be a virtual public hearing for their proposal on February 15,2024 at 6:00 pm. For directions on how to participate, the directions on how to join starts on page 2. State Environmental Quality Review