A Right-to-Farm Community

  •  Town Hall & Offices:585-589-5100
  •  Supervisorext. 6
    Mark Chamberlaincell 585-734-7972
  •  Town Clerk & Tax Collectorext. 1
    Maureen Beach
  •  Highway Superintendentext. 2
    Dale Brooksemergencies 911
  •  Codes & Bld. Inspectorext. 5
    Shellye Dale-Hallcell 585-734-8377
  •  Property Assessorext. 3
    Barry Flansburgcell 585-734-8372
  •  Court & Town Justiceext. 4
     Richard DeCarlo
  •  Zoning Board
     Dale Laubacher585-589-9107
  •  Planning Board
     Wes Miller585-589-6968
     Tom Keelercell 585-721-3650
  •  Town Council 
     Larry Gaylardcell 585-590-9968
     Richard Bennett585-589-6097
     Tom McCabe585-589-6071
     Lynn Hill585-589-7213
  •  Historian
     Adrienne Daniels585-589-4985
     Visit the following sites for Town of Barre history: Orleans History - Barre, NY Rootsweb Genealogy - Barre, NY
  •  US Senators
     Charles Schumer585-263-5866
     Kirsten Gillibrand202-224-4451
  •  Congress 26th District
     Christopher Collins
  •  State Senator 62nd District
     Rob Ortt716-731-8740
  •  Member of Assembly 139th District
     Steve Hawley585-589-5780
  •  Barre Legislator for District 1
     Bill Eick585-735-7363
  •  County, Surrogate & Family Court Judge
     James Punch585-589-4457
  •  Legislator at Large
     John DeFillips585-638-8526
  •  Orleans County Sheriff
     Randall Bower585-589-5527
  •  Orleans County Clerk
     Karen Lake Maynard585-589-5334
  • Orleans County Website
  •  Barre Fire Company
     President: Carl Driesel
  •  Barre Center Presbyterian Church
     4706 Oak Orchard Road
  • West Barre Methodist Church  Eagle Harbor Road
  •  Barre Sportsmans Association
     President: Richard Brant
  •  Albion Sportsmans Association
     President: Scott DeSmit
Town of Barre Offices

Barre, New York
A Right to Farm Community


Located in Orleans County, the Town of Barre lies midway between Buffalo and Rochester. Since its founding in 1818, small-town country living has thrived in Barre, New York. Fruits, vegetables, corn, wheat, and soybeans drive a major portion of our local economy.

Quiet country roads, small churches, friendly neighbors, and some of the best chicken barbecues around, make living in Barre highly desirable. Nearby sport fishing, proximity to theater, concerts and major league sports only add to this small part of Western New York.

News Items of Interest

View the Barre 2017 Tentative Roll [View PDF]

View your Barre tax bills online at Barre Tax Bills

Most town officials have new e-mail addresses @townofbarreny.com and they have been updated above.

Niagara and Orleans counties to receive 95% broadband coverage Click here to read more...

Getting neighbors together makes solar power easier to install, and more affordable than ever. Click here to read more about "Solarize Orleans".

For those desiring genealogical information, please contact Hollis Canham of the County Genealogical Society. The Town Historian does not have such information.

You can now receive e-mail and/or text alerts that your vehicle’s registration or inspection is set to expire through a new service offered by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). According to the DMV, registration reminders will be sent out approximately 90, 60, and 30 days prior to expiration and again at expiration. Inspection reminders will be sent out on the first of the month of expiration, the 15th of the month of expiration, and again when the inspection expires. You can easily sign up for this new service on the DMV’s website by clicking here. This is voluntary program.

Adrienne Daniels, town historian, is looking for residents of Barre who are interested in compiling data from the town's past. A publication of the History of Barre will be compiled for the Town's bicentennial in 2018. Contributions will be greatly appreciated. If you have old photos, newspaper articles, family history or any memorabilia connected with the Town that you would like to share or display, please contact Adrienne at 585-589-5100 ext 1 during regular office hours.

Final Assessment Roll for 2016

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